Where do you learn?

There seems to a certain assumption, that our adult learning life goes something like this:

  • We learn facts at School and how to regurgitate them, in particular at exam time
  • We then go to College to either further our education or potentially to pick up some vocationally based skills
  • Or / and we might be lucky enough to go to University to pick up further detailed knowledge about a particular topic and how to discuss the pros and cons of said topic
  • Either after college or university, or simply as an extension of it, we may to decide to pursue some professional qualifications in our chosen field
  • At work we will attend the mandatory training sessions on common topics

Anything other than that, and we may have been generous with what you have been able to do out of the above list, is down to us.

However is that true? Do we simply stagnate? Or do we all carry on learning, but in different ways, perhaps more informal ways?

Have your say and participate in the poll below:


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